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The Chapter Page

Title page

The cover, title, author(s), and bibliographical information are at the top of the page.

On the right are links to WorldCat and Google Books.


Table of contents

The table of contents is displayed in the panel on the left.

The currently selected chapter is underlined.

To move to any other chapter, click on its title.

You have the option to view or hide the front and end matter by clicking [+]FRONT MATTER or [+]END MATTER.


More on the structure of books

The structure of a book


Using SmartNav to navigate

SmartNav is a graphical representation of the contents of the current book. The section you are currently looking at is highlighted in dark grey.

Move the mouse over the SmartNav tool to move within the text. Click on any section to begin your research.


The chapter text


Scroll through the text in the usual way.


Searching within a book

To search for a term within a book:


1. Type or paste the term you want to find in the Search box.

2. Click  or press Enter.

3. The chapters containing matching results are listed.

4. Click on any chapter to open it.


Going to a specific page

To move to a specific page, type its number into the Go to page: box and click .



Viewing abstracts and keywords

To toggle between viewing the chapter's abstract and keywords, click [+] Abstract and Keywords.



Cross-references to other pages or parts of a book are displayed in purple. Click on the link to go to one.

Footnote numbers, bibliographical entries, internet links, etc. are highlighted in blue. Follow a link by clicking on it.


Downloading the chapter as a pdf

To download a pdf of the chapter, click Download chapter (pdf). It is displayed in your pdf viewer and saved to your local files.

To download Adobe PDF Reader please click here.


Printing a chapter

To print the current chapter, click . A printable version is displayed in your browser which can then be printed or saved.


Saving a chapter

To save the current chapter, click , and follow the instructions given.


Citing a chapter

Click  to display a page containing a citation to the current chapter. You can choose from the formats: MLA, APA, AMA and Chicago. The citations can be cut and pasted directly into academic work.

You may export citations to personal citation management programs which use the .ris format.


Sending an email link

To send an email link of the current chapter, click . Fill in the details as appropriate. The email will contain a link to the current chapter only, which will be valid for the next two weeks.


Social bookmarking

To share a link to the current book or chapter on a social bookmarking site (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Googlemail, etc.), click  and choose one of the options.


WorldCat and Google books

Use the  or  button to look up your title in WorldCat or Google Books respectively.


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