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Choosing Your Search Area


What is a search area?

This is the type of text you choose to search in an Advanced search. You choose your search area from the list box on the left of the search box, which is headed Full Text.


Selecting a search area

Click on the Full text list box and make your choice from the list.


More about the search areas

Full text is the entire text of all the books in the library. It includes book titles, abstracts, chapter titles, ISBN, keywords, etc. This is the broadest possible search.

You can also do a full text search of:

  • Headings
  • Bibliographies
  • Tables
  • Captions


Abstract confines your search to the abstracts of books and chapters.

Chapter Title restricts your search to the titles of chapters.

Book Title searches the titles of books only.

Author searches author names.

Editor searches editor names.

DOI searches digital object identifiers.

ISBN searches International Standard Book Numbers.

Publisher searches for books by a particular publishing company. Select the publisher you want from the list which appears in place of the input box. (This search area is available in UPSO only.)

Subject searches on any of the subjects listed in the Browse box (e.g. Biology, Music). Select the subject of your choice from the list which appears in place of the Search box.

Keyword searches both book and chapter keywords.


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