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What is a wildcard?

A wildcard is a character which stands for any letter. You can include wildcards in a Quick search or an Advanced search to make your search more flexible.

Two wildcards are available:

  • The question mark ? represents the occurrence of any one single character
  • The asterisk * represents the occurrence of any number of characters (or no character at all)


A search with a wildcard retrieves all results which contain matching terms. For example

  • c?t finds cat, cot, cut
  • c*t finds cat, caught, commencement, conflict, consent, cot, cut, etc.


Using wildcards in a search

Wildcards are useful if you do not know how to spell a word or if you are not sure in what form the term you want might appear.

  • The search term *sychok?n?s?s finds psychokinesis
  • The term colo*r matches color and colour
  • The term chorograph* finds chorographer, chorographic, chorographical, chorographically


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