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Quick Search


What is a Quick search?

Quick Search

A Quick search finds titles, authors, keywords, book abstracts and chapter abstracts. To search the full text of the books in the library, toggle the Quick search results to ‘chapters’ rather than ‘books’, or go to Advanced search.


Running a Quick search

1. Type or paste the key term you want to find in the Search box.

2. Click  or press Enter.

3. The results of your search are displayed.

4. Click on any of the books listed to open it.

  • Padlocked books  are unavailable under your subscription.
  • If you are not satisfied with your results, try an Advanced search.
  • You can use wildcards in your search term if you wish.


More on searching:

Search tips
Getting the most out of searching.

Viewing results from other presses
Including books from other presses in UPSO in your search.

  • Results list
    The results of your search are shown in the Results list. Use the list to open books or to narrow down your results.

  • Using wildcards
    You can make your search more complex by using the wildcards * and ?. Wildcards are useful if you want to search for several terms with the same root or if you don't know exactly how your term is spelled.


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