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Quick Search Results


The results of a search are displayed in the results list.


Results list

The matching books are listed on the results page(s).

The number of results (and your search) appears at the top of the list.

Each result consists of the name of the book, its author, and its date of publication. Depending on the results options selected, the abstract and other information may also be displayed. To view a popup abstract of a book at any time, move the cursor over its title.

To open any of the books at the table of contents, click on it.


Moving between results pages

The number of pages of results are shown at the top and bottom of the list on the right. To move to any of the numbered pages, click on it.


Items per page

The standard number of results is 10 per page, but you can alter this up to a maximum of 100.


Sorting results

Results are listed by relevance.

You can also choose to order them by:

  • Title - A to Z
  • Title - Z to A
  • Date - Old to Recent
  • Date - Recent to Old
  • Author - A to Z
  • Author - Z to A



Changing how much information is displayed

There are three options for viewing results. To select one, click on it.

 Minimal detail: title of the book, its author, and publication date.

 Medium detail: title, author, publication details, and the first few lines of the abstract.

 Maximum detail: title, author, publication details, and the complete abstract.



Refining your results

There are two ways to refine your results:

1. Filtering them using the options to the right of the results list. YFor example: you can confine them to a particular year of publication; confine them to a particular subject; or restrict them to publications by a particular press.

2. Using Search within results to run a search on the results lists.


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