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Being a Deaf Student

Being a Deaf Student

Changes in Characteristics and Needs

(p.23) 2 Being a Deaf Student
Educating Deaf Learners
Sue Archbold
Oxford University Press

The recent changes in communication and hearing technologies have had a significant impact on the demographics of students with significant hearing loss, and consequently on their needs. Children diagnosed and implanted early in life are acquiring and using spoken languages in greater numbers than ever before, are showing improved educational attainments and attending mainstream schools in greater numbers than before. Young people using the latest technology report being both deaf and hearing, never previously possible. These students are functioning neither as those with a significant hearing loss did in the past, nor as hearing students do. Although they may have access to greater levels of spoken language through hearing than ever before. They still require support as learners in the classroom. The needs of deaf students today are more varied than ever before and often more subtle, and their educational environment may not be staffed or equipped appropriately to ensure they reach their full potential.

Keywords:   deaf student, education, hearing technologies, newborn screening, cochlear implant

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