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From Fundamental Research to a Functional Tool for Professionals

(p.461) 20 EmotionWeb
Educating Deaf Learners
Karin WiefferinkMeinou de VriesLizet Ketelaar
Oxford University Press

Problems in social-emotional functioning are frequently noted in the literature in deaf or hard-of-hearing (DHH) children. This chapter discusses EmotionWeb, a functional tool for the professional that can be used to profile social and emotional development in DHH children aged one to 16 years. A child’s results can be compared to those of normally developing children as well as DHH peers. A visual profile score enables easy interpretation of scores in various domains of social-emotional functioning. A series of parental and child questionnaires is included in EmotionWeb and can be used in combination with the tests or separately. EmotionWeb is a good example of how scientific research can be applied to clinical practice, especially with the current strong emphasis on direct practical relevance of fundamental research.

Keywords:   social-emotional functioning, deaf or hard-of-hearing, children, EmotionWeb, clinical practice

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