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When You’re Not Average, Be(come) Excellent

When You’re Not Average, Be(come) Excellent

Barriers and Opportunities for Deaf Students

(p.47) 3 When You’re Not Average, Be(come) Excellent
Educating Deaf Learners
Corrie Tijsseling
Oxford University Press

Research into the history and philosophy of Dutch deaf education shows that since the start of the 20th century, psychology has been the leading scientific approach. Still, we do not know why most deaf learners struggle to reach the same results as nondeaf students but some deaf learners excel. Meanwhile, inclusive education often proves to be an educational challenge for deaf students. By discussing the three functions of education (qualification, socialization, and individuation), this chapter analyzes the barriers and opportunities in education for deaf students. The term “deaf student” is redefined, using concepts such as the natural state and technological state of a person, and vertical and horizontal identity. Recommendations are made concerning the education of deaf students in inclusive settings, settings in which they discover that they are not like other students and thus have to be(come) excellent.

Keywords:   deaf education, inclusive education, qualification, socialization, individuation, natural state, technological state, horizontal identity, vertical identity

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