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Research on Language Development

Research on Language Development

Discourses on Learning and Messages to Family Support After Cochlear Implantation

(p.93) 5 Research on Language Development
Educating Deaf Learners
Marieke Bruin
Oxford University Press

This chapter explores the different understandings of learning that are used in research on language development after cochlear implantation, and in research concerning the broader category of children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. In studies on language development after cochlear implantation, individual, cognitive perspectives on learning dominate. This chapter argues that viewing learning as a predominantly individual, cognitive process may convey unintended messages to family support services that language learning after cochlear implantation largely depends on decontextualized training and therapy. The chapter discusses pedagogical and ethical implications of such a hegemonic perception and argues that conceptualizing learning in the context of family life requires awareness of situated and contextualized dimensions of learning. Recommendations for future research are given.

Keywords:   learning, family support, cochlear implantation, language development, community of practice

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