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(p.128) Chapter 6 Determinism
Quantum Ontology
Peter J. Lewis
Oxford University Press

The most common metaphysical consequence claimed of quantum mechanics is indeterminism. But while the GRW theory is indeterministic, Bohm’s theory is fully deterministic. The many-worlds theory is more interesting. What place could there be for probability in a theory in which every possible outcome of a measurement actually occurs? The options for locating uncertainty within a many-worlds ontology are surveyed, and the arguments that probabilities can be assigned to the worlds are critically assessed. The argument that all of us are immortal according to the many-worlds theory is considered and shown to be mistaken. The consequences of quantum mechanics for free will are shown to be minimal.

Keywords:   quantum mechanics, indeterminism, uncertainty, probability, GRW, Bohm, many worlds, immortality, free will

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