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The Politics and Political Economy of Forestland Regimes

The Politics and Political Economy of Forestland Regimes

(p.1) Chapter 1 The Politics and Political Economy of Forestland Regimes
Democracy in the Woods
Prakash Kashwan
Oxford University Press

This chapter develops a political economy of institutions framework, which facilitates a cross-national, inter-temporal, and cross-scale analysis of the processes and outcomes of institutional change related to the recognition of forest and land rights in the forested regions of India, Mexico, and Tanzania. It also introduces the unique features of the problem of forestland conflicts around the world, which makes it a suitable topic for a political analysis of the different ways that societies seek to resolve the apparent tensions between the goals of social justice and environmental conservation in the hinterlands. This analysis fuses together theoretical insights from the fields of comparative politics, institutional analysis, development studies, and policy studies to identify gaps that are relevant to contemporary debates about the politics and policies at the intersection of environment, economic development, and inequality—especially in the context of emerging climate change mitigation and adaptation programs.

Keywords:   political economy, institutions, property rights, political inequality, social justice, environmental conservation, comparative politics, India, Tanzania, Mexico

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