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Colonialism and the Transformation of Hinterlands

Colonialism and the Transformation of Hinterlands

(p.33) Chapter 2 Colonialism and the Transformation of Hinterlands
Democracy in the Woods
Prakash Kashwan
Oxford University Press

This chapter examines the variation in the institutional legacies—including the property regimes—of British, German, and Spanish colonial administrations in the hinterlands of India, Tanzania, and Mexico. Although the colonial era marked a drastic shift in the levels of resource exploitation in these countries, this chapter shows that native societies’ precolonial orders also shaped the institutional legacies of colonial regimes. Departing from much of the existing comparative analysis of British and Spanish colonialism, it argues that Spanish colonialism in Mexico left a relatively less constraining institutional legacy for indigenous forest-dependent groups when compared with British colonialism in India and Tanzania, each of which inherited a legacy of state-led landlordism in the hinterlands. Finally, while India inherited a very strongly organized elite Indian Forest Service, Tanzania inherited a more fragmented forestry administration.

Keywords:   comparative colonialism, Spanish, British, path dependence, Locke, Castilian, colonial conservation

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