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A spotlight on... Medicine and Health

August 6, 2018

                     Celebrating 15 years of Oxford Scholarship Online

This year we are celebrating Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) turning fifteen. As a part of this celebration we are shining a spotlight on the different subject areas available on OSO.

The Palliative Care list publishes a range of titles for both clinical situations and hospice care. As palliative medicine develops our effort has been on producing titles focusing on evidence-based palliative care; quality of life and ethics; as well as broadening the scope of our list to include care for patients with non-malignant diseases requiring care at the end of life.

The Public Health and Epidemiology module contains titles which critically discuss the development and assessment of public health issues that affect a range of populations worldwide, with individual books covering a diverse range of topics, from access to healthcare and health promotion, to evidence-based public health and food policy.

Delve in to both of these subject areas with our selected reading list:

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