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A spotlight on... Philosophy

August 28, 2018

                     Celebrating 15 years of Oxford Scholarship Online

This year we are celebrating Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) turning fifteen. As a part of this celebration we are shining a spotlight on the different subject areas available on OSO.

The Philosophy list enjoys world acclaim for publishing scholarly works of the highest calibre. The Philosophy module is one of the largest on OSO, and in it you can find classic works in the field alongside new, groundbreaking theories and contemplations, all by some of the brightest philosophers of the contemporary world.

Delve in to this subject area with our selected reading list:

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                                Basic Structures of Reality: Essays in Meta-Physics                   The Constitution of Agency: Essays on Practical Reason and Moral Psychology                   Implicit Bias and Philosophy, Volume 1: Metaphysics and Epistemology                   The Philosophy of Trust            

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