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What's new in January 2022

January 20, 2022

Discover 109 new titles from Oxford University Press, published across a diverse range of topics — from questions of communication and censorship to nineteenth-century Dutch Protestant theology, and from how mental disorders affect one’s agency to the Baroque violin.

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This update includes the following Open Access titles:

You can find new books in the below subject modules:

Archaeology – Biology – Business and Management – Classical Studies – Clinical Medicine and Allied Health – Economics and Finance – HistoryLaw – Linguistics – Literature  Mathematics  Music – Palliative Care – Philosophy – Physics – Political Science – Psychology – Religion – Sociology

        Text Wars: Communication, Censorship, Freedom and Responsibility       Armstrong's Materialist Theory of Mind       Protestant Theology and Modernity in the Nineteenth-Century Netherlands       The Baroque Violin & Viola, vol. II: A Fifty-Lesson Course       Agency in Mental Disorder: Philosophical Dimensions       Boundary Spanners of Humanity: Three Logics of Communications and Public Diplomacy for Global Collaboration