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The structure of a book


Each book in OSO contains the following:

  • Title page, carrying title, bibliographic information, book abstract, and keywords
  • Book abstract and keywords
  • Table of contents
  • Chapters, each with its own abstract.


It may also contain

  • Cross-references, including footnotes
  • Special characters
  • Figures and tables.



Title page

This consists of the cover, title, author(s), abstract, keywords, and bibliographical information.

Author affiliations are given on the right.

On the left are links to WorldCat and Google books.


Table of contents

This includes front matter, such as acknowledgements and end matter, such as bibliography, index and notes.





Each chapter has its own abstract and keywords. You can switch between viewing and hiding these by clicking [+] Abstract and Keywords.



Cross-references to other pages or parts of a book are purple. Click on one to follow it.

Footnote numbers, bliographical entries, internet links, etc. are highlighted in blue. Follow the link by clicking on it.


Special characters

As far as possible we use appropriate characters to render correctly on screen all the specialized characters used in original texts, from the Latin letters of transliterated Sanskrit through classical Greek to mathematical expressions. For the latter we have used the new standard 'MathML' to ensure correct presentation.

For example:

Figures and tables

Figures and tables are included in the chapter text.


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