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Title Lists

Full list of titles

Click here to view a full list of titles currently in Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO).

Title lists can be downloaded from each subject browse page within OSO, in either PDF or .xls format.

OSO scheduled updates

OSO is updated every month. These updates are known as the scheduled updates and if you have a subscription to a subject area, you will see the latest titles in that area in the last week of each of the update months.

If you purchase OSO content, you will see only those titles within the updates your institution has purchased.

The OSO Archive

The OSO Archive is a content option available for institutional purchase, which offers access to prize-winning and seminal works, published in print between 1963 and 2010. The titles have been chosen for their continued relevance in the subject area.

View a list of titles in the OSO Archive - October 2011
View a list of titles in the OSO Archive - March 2012

View a list of titles in the OSO Archive - October 2012

The 2010 Content Enhancement

In 2010 we published an additional content enhancement, to OSO in two phases -- one in January 2010 (adding content in the Business & Management, Classics, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Neuroscience, and Physics collections) and the other in April 2010 (for the Psychology, Biology, and Social Work collections).

This enhanced content contains monographs that were published in print prior to 2008 and has been added in response to customer feedback. These monographs have been selected for their timeless qualities, international appeal and relevance to today’s scholarship: their addition to each subject collection makes that collection a more complete reflection of recent scholarship in the field.

Because we needed to distinguish the regular January content update from this enhancement, the regular January content update was published online in February 2010.
The titles within that regular update will display within OSO and within their MARC records with a published online date as February 2010.