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The Head-Neck Sensory Motor System - Oxford Scholarship Online
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The Head-Neck Sensory Motor System

Alain Berthoz, Werner Graf, and P. P. Vidal


The head carries most of the sensory systems that enable us to function effectively in our three-dimensional habitat. Without adequate head movement control, efficient spatial orientation and motor responses to visual and auditory stimuli could not be carried out. This book is an account of the control of vertebrate head movements and its biomechanical and neural basis. It covers the entire spectrum of research on head-neck movements, ranging from the global description and analysis of a particular behavior to its underlying mechanisms at the level of neurotransmitter release and membrane biop ... More

Keywords: sensory systems, spatial orientation, motor responses, visual stimuli, auditory stimuli, vertebrate head control, biomechanical, head movement, head-neck movements, neurotransmitter release

Bibliographic Information

Print publication date: 1992 Print ISBN-13: 9780195068207
Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: March 2012 DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780195068207.001.0001


Affiliations are at time of print publication.

Alain Berthoz, editor
CNRS Laboratory of Neurosensory Physiology

Werner Graf, editor
Rockefeller University

P. P. Vidal, editor
CNRS Laboratory of Neurosensory Physiology

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Part I The Head-Neck System from an Anthropologic Viewpoint

Part II Evolution of the Head-Neck Movement System

Part III Comparative Aspects of the Head-Neck Movement System

A. Invertebrates

B. Vertebrates

Chapter 9 Neural Processes between Visual Sign Stimuli and Head Movements in Toads

Jörg-peter Ewert, Evelyn Schürg-pfeiffer, and Wolfgang Will iSchwippert

Part IV Embryology and Ontogeny of the Head-Neck Movement System

Part V Architecture of the Head-Neck Movement System

A. Bones and Muscles

Chapter 19 Heterogeneous Structure and Function among Intervertebral Muscles

Frances J. R. Richmond, David C. Gordon, and Gerald E. Loeb

Chapter 20 Relationship between Force and Cross-Sectional Area of Postcervical Muscles in Man: Influence of Variations in the Morphology of the Neck

Marie-Anne Mayoux-Benhamou, Marc Wybier, Jacques Patrick Barbet, Sylvain Labbé, and Michel Revel

B. Models and Theories

Chapter 22 Muscle Behavior May Solve Motor Coordination Problems

Neville Hogan, and Ferdinando A. Mussa-lvaldi

Part VI Sensors of the Head-Neck Movement System

Chapter 24 Somatosensory Pathways from the Neck

David J. Tracey, and Philip S. Bolton

Chapter 30 Cervico-ocular Reflexes with and without Simultaneous Vestibular Stimulation in Rabbits

Neal H. Barmack, Pierangelo Errico, Aldo Ferraresi, and Vito E. Pettorossi

Chapter 31 Vestibular and Optokinetic Asymmetries in the Ocular and Cervical Reflexes

Vito E. Pettorossi, Pierangelo Errico, Aldo Ferraresi, Francesco Draicchio, Rosa Maria Santarelli, and Rosa Bruni

Chapter 34 Head Position versus Head Motion in the Inhibition of Horizontal Postrotary Nystagmus

Eberhard Koenig, Wilhelm Dengler, Michael Fetter, Asta Hann, and Johannes Dichgans

Part VII Neuronal Mechanisms of the Sensory-Motor Transformations in the Head-Neck Movement System

A. Spinal Mechanisms

B. Vestibular Neurons

Chapter 41 Spatial Innervation Patterns of Single Vestibulospinal Axons in Neck Motor Nuclei

Yoshikazu Shinoda, Tohru Ohgaki, Yuriko Sugiuchi, and Takahiro Futami

C. Collicular and Reticular Neurons

Chapter 45 The Superior Colliculus and Head Movements in the Cat

Vivian C. Abrahams, E. Dawne Downey, and Adriana A. Kori

D. Interstitial Nucleus of Cajal and Beyond

Chapter 52 Control of Vertical Head Movement via Forel's Field H

Tadashi Isa, Toru Itouji, and Shigeto Sasaki

Part VIII Synergies and Strategies of Head Movements and Gaze Control

A. Head Movement Control

Chapter 56 From Interdepedent to Independent Control of Head and Trunk

Horst Mittelstaedt, and Marie-Luise Mittelstaedt

Chapter 57 Multidimensional Analysis of Head Stabilization—Progress and Prospects

Barry W. Peterson, James F. Baker, and Emily A. Keshner

Chapter 60 Sensitivity Analysis of a Human Head Movement Model

Andreas C. Arlt, Wolfgang H. Zangemeister, and JÜrgen Dee

B. Orienting and Stabilizing Eye and Head Movements

Chapter 64 Effect of Freeing the Head on Eye Movement Characteristics during Three-Dimensional Shifts of Gaze and Tracking

Han Collewijn, Robert M. Steinman, Casper J. Erkelens, Zygmunt Pizlo, and Johannes Van Der Steen

Chapter 65 Coordination of Head and Eyes during the Performance of Natural (and Unnatural) Visual Tasks

Eileen Kowler, Zygmunt Pizlo, Guo-Liang Zhu, Casper J. Erkelens, Robert M. Steinman, and Han Collewijn

Chapter 68 Identification of Peripheral Visual Images in a Laterally Restricted Gaze Field

John L. Semmlow, Gabriel M. Gauthier, and Jean-Louis Vercher

C. Timing and Prediction

D. Linear Movement Analysis

Chapter 74 Decoding of Optic Flow by the Primate Optokinetic System

Frederick A. Miles, Urs Schwarz, and Claudio Busettini

E. Perception

Chapter 78 Perception of Horizontal Head and Trunk Rotation in Space: Role of Vestibular and Neck Afferents

Thomas Mergner, Christoph Siebold, Georg Schweigart, and Wolfgang Becker

Chapter 79 Cortical Representation of Head-in-Space Movement and Same Psychophysical Experiments on Head Movement

Otto-Joachim Grüsser, Wolfgang Guldin, Lawrence Harris, Johann-Christoph Lefèbre, and Max Pause

F. Eye-Head Coordination and Reflex Behavior

Chapter 80 Kinematic Characteristics of Head Trajectory during Horizontal Head Movements in Monkeys

Bertrand Le Goff, Pierre Madic, Philippe Liverneaux, and Francis L. Lestienne

Chapter 82 Modeling Head-Free Gaze Control in the Cat

Henrietta L. Galiana, Daniel Guitton, and and Douglas P. Munoz

Chapter 83 Eye-Head Coordination in Oblique Gaze Shifts in Cats

André Roucoux, Marc Crommelinck, and and Liliane Borel

Part IX Head Movement during Posture, Locomotion, and Complex Movements

Chapter 86 What about the So-Called Neck Reflexes in Humans?

Victor S. Gurfinkel, Michael A. Lebedev, and Yuri S. Levick

Chapter 90 Differential Influence of Vertical Head Posture during Walking

Wolfgang H. Zangemeister, Maria V. Bulgheroni, and Antonio Pedotti

Chapter 95 Head Kinematics during Complex Movements

Thierry Pozzo, Alain Berthoz, and Loïc Lefort

Part X Disorders of the Head-Neck System

A. Vestibular Disorders

Chapter 98 Head-Shaking Nystagmus—A Tool to Detect Vestibular Asymmetries in Patients

Eberhard Koenig, Michael Fetter, Sachiko Takahashi, and Johannes Dichgans

Chapter 103 Vestibular N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors in Normal and Compensated Guinea Pigs

Catherine De Waele, Nicholas Vibert, Alain Berthoz, and Pierre Paul Vidal

B. Neurologic Disorders

End Matter