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The Chronicle of SeertChristian Historical Imagination in Late Antique Iraq$

Philip Wood

Print publication date: 2013

Print ISBN-13: 9780199670673

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: September 2013

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199670673.001.0001

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(p.268) Contents of the Chronicle of Seert

(p.268) Contents of the Chronicle of Seert

The Chronicle of Seert
Oxford University Press

(p.268) Contents of the Chronicle of Seert

Part I

  • I Valerian

  • II Death of Valerian

  • III Young Roman martyrs

  • IV Mani

  • V Paul of Samosata

  • VI Gregory Thaumaturgus

  • VII Awgin

  • VIII Names of doctors of the church

  • IX Vahram II

    1. ii) Peter of Alexandria.

  • X Arius

  • XI Paphnutius

  • XII Sergius and Bacchus

  • XIII Sylvester of Rome

  • XIV Sylvester and the dragon

  • XV Constantine

  • XVI Discovery of the Cross

  • XVII Helena and Constantine

  • XVIII Council of Nicaea

  • XIX Description of Constantinople

  • XX Description of Rome

  • XXI Eusebius’ Chronicon

  • XXII Easter and the Resurrection

  • XXIII Shapur (II) Dhū al-Aktāf

  • XXIV Death of Constantine

  • XXV Eminent men contemporary with Papas

  • XXVI Ephraem the doctor

  • XXVII Simeon Bar Sebbaʿe, ninth catholicos

  • XXVIII Sons of Constantine

  • XXIX Shahdost, tenth catholicos

  • XXX Untitled (on Gregory of Nazianzen)

  • XXXI Barbaʿshemin, nephew of Bar sabbaʿe, eleventh catholicos

  • XXXII Mar Qardagh

  • Précis of the Syriac Life of Qardagh.

  • XXXIII Julian the Apostate

  • XXXIV Julian the Apostate

  • Précis of the Syriac Julian Romance.

  • XXXV (Yonan of Anbar)

  • Much of this text is dedicated to Yonan’s master Awgin.

  • (p.269) XXXVI John of Beth Zabde

  • XXXVII Rabban Sari

  • XXXVIII Zarnouqa Monastery

  • XXXIX Cyprian of Africa

  • XL Barshaba of Merv

  • XLI Rabban Shalita

  • XLII Earthquakes

  • In Roman cities and three cities of Persia, including Nisibis and Constantinople.

  • XLIII Ardashir, brother of Shapur

  • XLIV Valentinian and Gratian

  • XLV Theodosius I

  • Council of Constantinople.

  • XLVI The penance of Theodosius.

  • The massacre at Thessalonica.

    1. ii) Succession of patriarchs on Constantinople: Chrysostom follows Nectarius.

  • XLVII Destruction of the temple of Sarkis [Serapion]

  • XLVIII Doctors named Gregory

  • XLIX Flavian and Diodore

  • L The heretical monks Simeon, Hermas, Dado and Eusebius

  • Labelled as Messalians.

  • LI Basil of Caesarea

  • LII The heretic Macedonius of Constantinople

  • LIII Theodore of Mopseustia

  • LIV Ephraem, the Syrian prophet

  • LV Julian Saba

  • LVI Epiphanius of Salamis

  • LVII The martyrs and great men of this era

  • LVIII Tomarsa, twelfth catholicos

  • LIX Bahram Farmanshah

  • LX Rabban Mar ʿAbda of Dayr Qoni

  • LXI Convent of Sliba

  • Miracles that occur here are compared to the discovery of the Cross in the time of Claudius and to the death of the early seventh-century martyr, Nathaniel of Shahrzur.

  • LXII ʿAbdishoʿ, who built a convent at Hira

  • LXIII Qayoma, thirteenth catholicos

  • LXIV Arcadius and Honorius

  • LXV Yazdegard (I)

  • LXVI Ishaq, fourteenth catholicos

  • LXVII John Chrysostom

  • LXVIII Iaballaha, later elected catholicos.

    1. ii) Doctors of the church in this time.

    2. iii) Nectarius patriarch of Constantinople.

  • LXIX Ahai, fifteenth catholicos

  • LXX Theodosius the Younger

  • LXXI Iaballaha, sixteenth catholicos

  • (p.270) LXXII Maʿna, seventeenth catholicos, who was deposed

  • LXXIII Conversion of Najran

  • LXXIV Death of Yazdegard

  • LXXV Jacob the Sliced

  • LXXVI ʿAqbalaha of Beth Garmai

  • Ends with lacuna.

Part II

  • I Babowai, twentieth catholicos

  • II Leo

  • III Anatolius of Constantinople

  • IV Zeno

  • V Death of Peroz

  • VI Gennadius of Constantinople

  • VII Tale of the demon and the monk

  • VIII Acacius, twenty-first catholicos

  • IX Mar Narsai

  • Scholastic account detailing education, academic composition and disciples.

    1. ii) Maʿna metropolitan of Fars a contemporary of Narsai at Edessa. Similar scholastic account.

  • X Anastasius

    1. ii) List of solar eclipses and earthquakes.

    2. iii) Life of Severus and the conversion of Jacob of Serug by Severus.

  • XI ‘Milas’ king of Persia

    1. ii) Jacobite ‘invasion’ and response of Acacius the catholicos.

    2. iii) Euphemius succeeds Acacius as patriarch of Constantinople.

  • XII Kavad

  • XIII Elisah the doctor, metropolitan of Nisbis

  • Scholastic account. Author of On the Foundation of Schools.

  • XIV Zamasp

  • XV Babai, twenty-second catholicos

  • XVI Story of the mouse and the pearls

  • XVII Kavad’s attack on Amida

  • XVIII Abraham the Great

  • XIX Shila, twenty-third catholicos

    1. ii) Anastasius exiles Macedonius the patriarch.

  • XX Justin

    1. ii) Account of natural disasters.

  • XXI Jacob Baradeus

  • XXII Heretics under Justin

  • Expulsion of Jacobites to Hira.

  • Later Julianists come to Najran and Pairam, but the latter are later converted to Nestorianism.

    1. ii) Succession of patriarchs at Constantinople

  • XXIII Justinian

  • (p.271) XXIV Khusrau Anushirvan

  • XXV Narsai and Elisha, twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth catholicoi

  • XXVI Paul of Susa, twenty-sixth catholicos

  • XXVII Mar Aba, twenty-seventh catholicos

  • Based on the Syriac Acts of Aba.

  • XXVIII The catholicos and a Zoroastrian

  • XXIX Questions posed to Aba

  • XXX Aba’s Disciples

  • XXXI Abraham of Netpar and his disciple Job

  • XXXII Joseph, twenty-eighth catholicos

    1. ii) In his wars Khusrau founds a city of Roman captives

    2. iii) Plagues in Iraq and the Levant.

    3. iv) Justinian writes a book of theology and inclines to Julianism.

  • Deputation of Paul of Nisibis and Ishoʿyahb of Arzun.

  • XXXIII Justin II

  • XXXIV Patriarch Eutychius [of Constantinople]

  • XXXV Baboukabr

  • XXXVI Ezekiel, twenty-ninth catholicos

    1. ii) In this era Ishoʿyahb of Arzun, followed by Abraham, followed by Henana were interpreters at Nisbis.

  • XXXVII Hormizdad

  • XXXVIII The death of Khusrau I

  • XXXIX Daniel the penitent

  • XL Rabban Qoure

  • Predicts coming of the Arabs: this section looks ahead to the foundation of Mosul.

  • XLI Tiberius

  • XLII Ishoʿyahb (I) of Arzun, thirtieth catholicos

  • XLIII The Royal Annals on the murder of Hormizd by Khusrau

  • Deeds that occurred in this era:

  • XLIV Rabban Elia, who founded Deir Sa’id at Mosul

  • XLV Rabban Bar ʿIdta

  • XLVI Rabban Symeon

  • Takrit and Samarra compete over his body in the Abbasid period.

  • XLVII Rabban Giwargis

  • XLVIII Rabban John, founder of An’el

  • XLIX Rabban Haia

  • L Rabban Babai of Nisibis

  • LI Rabban Yaunan

  • LII Sahrona

  • LIII Mar Yahb

  • LIV Rabban Shapur

  • LV Maurice

  • LVI Rabban Jacob of Beth ʿAbe

  • LVII The priest and the demon

  • LVIII Khusrau Parviz

  • (p.272) Account of his war with Vahram and his patronage of Christians.

  • LIX The story of the apostate priest

  • LX Nuʿman son of Mundhir

  • LXI Yaunan founder of Bar Toura

  • LXII Jacob of Hbisha

  • LXIII Jacobite patriarchs

  • LXIV Titus of Hdatta

  • LXV Sabrishoʿ, thirty-first catholicos

  • Parallels to the Syriac Life of Sabrishoʿ in the early part of this section.

  • LXVI Sabrishoʿ’s vision while bishop of Lashom

  • LXVII After Sabrishoʿ’s election

  • LXVIII Miracle of Sabrishoʿ before Marutha [the Roman ambassador]

  • LXIX Gabriel of Sinjar

  • Sabrishoʿ excommunicates Gabriel for bigamy.

  • LXX The murder of Maurice and Khusrau’s change in opinion regarding the Christians

  • LXXI Death of Sabrishoʿ

  • LXXII Events in this time

  • Complaints about the Henanians and their expulsion from Nisibis.

  • LXXIII Zinai

  • LXXIV Gregory, metropolitan of Nisibis

  • LXXV The struggles at Nisibis because of Gregory

  • LXXVI Rabban Ishoʿyahb

  • LXXVII Rabban Gabrona

  • LXXVIII Maurice

  • LXXIX Theodore son of Maurice

  • LXXX Gregory of Pherat, thirty-second catholicos

  • LXXXI Christians in the service of Khusrau

  • LXXXII Heraclius (Western account)

  • LXXXIII History of the heretics and the excommunication of Henana

  • LXXXIV Babai the great

  • LXXXV Henanishoʿ

  • LXXXVI Giwargis, killed by Khusrau

  • LXXXVII Heraclius and Khusrau

  • LXXXVIII The Jacobite bishoprics and their new sees under Athanasius

  • LXXXIX The spread of the Jacobites

  • XC Babai the scribe

  • XCI ʿAbda the old

  • XCII The death of Khusrau and the reign of Shiroë

  • XCIII The catholicos Ishoʿyahb (II) of Gdala

  • XCIV The correspondence of Barsauma of Susa with the catholicos

  • XCV Rabban Oukhama

  • XCVI Rabban Sabrishoʿ, founder of Beth Qoqa

  • XCVII ʿAbda b. Hanif

  • XCVIII Rabban Khoudawai of Beth Hale

  • XCIX Rabban Hormizd

  • (p.273) C Rabban Theodore

  • CI Appearance of Islam, which God upholds, and its triumph

  • CII Pact of Muhammad bin ʿAbdallah and the men of Najran and all the Christians of the earth

  • CIII The document he [Muhammad] copied and wrote

  • CIV The death of Muhammad, peace be upon him

  • CV Death of Ishoʿyahb the catholicos

  • CVI Heraclius

  • His retreat from Syria. The reigns of Abu Bakr and ʿUmar. The defeat of Yazdegard.

  • CVII Death of Heraclius

  • CVIII Maremmeh, the catholicos

  • CIX Sabrishoʿ, metropolitan of Beth Garmai

  • CX Athanasius Gamalaya, Jacobite patriarch

  • CXI Malkishoʿ of ʿOumra Hadtha

  • CXII Ishoʿyahb (III) of Adiabene

  • No content: final lacuna.