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Structure and Evolution of Invertebrate Nervous Systems - Oxford Scholarship Online
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Structure and Evolution of Invertebrate Nervous Systems

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa, Steffen Harzsch, and Günter Purschke


For many biologists the nervous system is a particularly fascinating organ system. The nervous system is involved in or is even responsible for many features that are regarded as being characteristic of animals in general. Since the last comprehensive work was published about 50 years ago, the time has probably come to provide a new review on recent, newly gathered knowledge on the structure of invertebrate nervous systems, especially since new methods have come into use. These advances now enable us to demonstrate neuronal architecture down to the level of the genes and the cell types involve ... More

Keywords: nervous system, invertebrate, cell type evolution, neuron, sensory cell, phylogeny

Bibliographic Information

Print publication date: 2015 Print ISBN-13: 9780199682201
Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: March 2016 DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199682201.001.0001


Affiliations are at time of print publication.

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa, author
Curator, Zoological Museum and Institute, University of Hamburg

Steffen Harzsch, author
Professor of Cytology and Evolutionary Biology, Zoological Institute, University of Greifswald

Günter Purschke, author
Professor of Zoology and Developmental Biology, Department of Zoology, University of Osnabrück

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1 Introduction

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa, Steffen Harzsch, and Günter Purschke

3 Porifera

Sally P. Leys and Nathan Farrar

5 Cnidaria

Thomas Leitz

6 Ctenophora

David K. Simmons and Mark Q. Martindale

7 Acoelomorpha

Andreas Hejnol

8 Xenoturbella

Thomas Stach

9 Perspective—The First Brain

Nadia Riebli and Heinrich Reichert

11 Platyhelminthes: Neodermata

Natalia M. Biserova

12 Gnathostomulida

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa

13 Rotifera

Rick Hochberg

14 Acanthocephala

Henrike Semmler Le

15 Gastrotricha

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa and Birgen Holger Rothe

16 Nemertea (Nemertini)

Patrick Beckers and Jörn von Döhren

17 Kamptozoa (Entoprocta)

Andreas Wanninger

19 Mollusca: Bivalvia

Andreas Wanninger

20 Mollusca: Gastropoda

Elena E. Voronezhskaya and Roger P. Croll

22 Annelida: Myzostomida

Conrad Helm and Christoph Bleidorn

23 Annelida: Sipuncula

Alen Kristof and Anastassya S. Maiorova

26 Bryozoa (Ectoprocta)

Alexander Gruhl and Thomas Schwaha

27 Brachiopoda

Carsten Lüter

28 Phoronida

Elena Temereva

29 Cycliophora

Ricardo C. Neves

31 Tardigrada

Corinna Schulze and Dennis Persson

32 Onychophora

Georg Mayer

36 Xiphosura

Barbara A. Battelle, Andy Sombke, and Steffen Harzsch

37 Scorpiones

Harald Wolf

38 Arachnida (Excluding Scorpiones)

Tobias Lehmann, Roland R. Melzer, Marie K. Hörnig, Peter Michalik, Andy Sombke, and Steffen Harzsch

39 Myriapoda

Andy Sombke and Jörg Rosenberg

40 Perspective—

Angelika Stollewerk

42 Cephalocarida

Martin E.J. Stegner and Stefan Richter

43 Branchiopoda

Martin Fritsch and Stefan Richter

44 Remipedia

Torben Stemme and Steffen Harzsch

45 Malacostraca

Manfred Schmidt


Gabriella H. Wolff and Nicholas J. Strausfeld

50 Chaetognatha

Steffen Harzsch, Yvan Perez, and Carsten H.G. Müller

51 Echinodermata

Vladimir Mashanov, Olga Zueva, Tamara Rubilar, Lucia Epherra, and Jose E. García-Arrarás

52 Hemichordata

Thomas Stach

53 Tunicata

Lucia Manni and Roberta Pennati

54 Acrania (Cephalochordata)

Thurston Lacalli and Thomas Stach

End Matter