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The Future of Bioethics – International Dialogues - Oxford Scholarship Online
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The Future of Bioethics: International Dialogues

Akira Akabayashi


This is the first book on bioethics to present a genuine engagement between scholars and practitioners from the East and West, and the first book in the discipline of bioethics for the globalised world of the future. The authors address emerging issues in bioethics, with the aim to set the agenda for the future and focus on new developments and their potential for change. Most studies in bioethics advocating East-West dialogue have either attempted cross-cultural comparison, or proposed Eastern philosophical paradigms as a counter to Western ideas. The tacit premise of previous writing on East ... More

Keywords: Future, bioethics, East-West, dialogue, globalised world, cutting edge

Bibliographic Information

Print publication date: 2014 Print ISBN-13: 9780199682676
Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: January 2014 DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199682676.001.0001


Affiliations are at time of print publication.

Akira Akabayashi, editor
University of Tokyo

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Part I Progress of Biomedical Technologies and Ethics

Section A Regenerative Medicine

1.1 Primary Topic Article

Tamra Lysaght, and Alastair V. Campbell

1.2 Commentary

Douglas Sipp

1.3 Commentary

Eisuke Nakazawa

1.4 Commentary

Aric Bendorf, and Ian Kerridge

1.5 Response to Commentaries

Tamra Lysaght, and Alastair V. Campbell

2.1 Primary Topic Article

D. Gareth Jones

2.2 Commentary

Jing Bai, and Renzong Qiu

2.3 Commentary

Taichi Isobe, Nozomi Mizushima, and Osamu Sakura

2.4 Commentary

Yukihiro Nobuhara

Section B Enhancement

3.1 Primary Topic Article

Julian Savulescu, Thomas Douglas, and Ingmar Persson

3.2 Commentary

Robert Sparrow

3.3 Commentary

Masahiro Morioka

3.4 Commentary

Tomohide Ibuki, and Satoshi Kodama

3.5 Response to Commentaries

Julian Savulescu, Thomas Douglas, and Ingmar Persson

4.1 Primary Topic Article

Robert Sparrow

4.2 Commentary

Yasutaka Ichinokawa

4.3 Commentary

Michelle L. McGowan

4.4 Commentary

D. Gareth Jones

4.5 Commentary

Julian Savulescu

5.2 Commentary

Carl Becker

5.3 Commentary

Renzong Qiu

5.4 Commentary

Robert Sparrow

5.5 Response to Commentaries

Thomas Murray, and Cameron R. Waldman

Section C Emerging Problems in Research Ethics

6.1 Primary Topic Article

Benjamin Capps

6.2 Commentary

Kantaro Ohashi

6.3 Commentary

Wilhelm Vossenkuhl

6.4 Commentary

Katsunori Kai

7.1 Primary Topic Article

Karen J. Maschke

7.2 Commentary

Soraj Hongladarom

7.3 Commentary

Koji Ota

7.4 Commentary

Douglas Sipp

7.5 Response to Commentaries

Karen J. Maschke

8.1 Primary Topic Article

Michael Parker

8.2 Commentary

Zhaochen Wang

8.3 Commentary

Ilhak Lee

Section D Synthetic Biology and Chimera

9.2 Commentary

Soraj Hongladarom

9.3 Commentary

Osamu Kanamori

9.4 Response to Commentaries

Gregory Kaebnick

10.1 Primary Topic Article

Stuart J. Youngner

10.2 Commentary

Catherine Mills

10.3 Commentary

Takashi Ikeda

10.4 Response to Commentaries

Stuart J. Youngner

11.1 Primary Topic Article

Jonathan D. Moreno

11.2 Commentary

Tomoko Sato

11.3 Commentary

Satoshi Kodama, and Kyoko Takashima

11.4 Response to Commentaries

Jonathan D. Moreno

Part II Globalization and Bioethics

Section A Organ Transplant

12.1 Primary Topic Article

Arthur L. Caplan

12.2 Commentary

Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai

12.3 Commentary

Takahiro Nakajima

12.4 Commentary

Hitoshi Arima

12.5 Commentary

Leonardo D. de Castro, and Peter A. Sy

13.1 Primary Topic Article

Mark P. Aulisio, Nicole M. Deming, Donna L. Luebke, Miriam Weiss, Rachel Phetteplace, and Stuart J. Youngner

13.2 Commentary

Yohei Akaida, and Kohji Ishihara

13.3 Commentary

Farhat Moazam

13.4 Commentary

Leonardo D. de Castro

13.5 Response to Commentaries

Donna L. Luebke, Nicole M. Deming, Rachel Phetteplace, and Mark P. Aulisio

14.1 Primary Topic Article

Jacqueline J. L. Chin

14.2 Commentary

Yosuke Shimazono

14.3 Commentary

Amar Jesani

14.4 Commentary

Mala Ramanathan

14.5 Commentary

Michael C. Brannigan

14.6 Response to Commentaries

Jacqueline J. L. Chin

Section B Public Health Ethics

15.2 Commentary

Keiichiro Yamamoto

15.3 Commentary

Ryoji Sato

15.4 Commentary

Taketoshi Okita

15.5 Commentary

Bruce Jennings

16.1 Primary Topic Article

Norman Daniels, and James Sabin

16.2 Commentary

Daniel Callahan

16.3 Commentary

Taro Okuda

16.4 Commentary

Akira Inoue

16.5 Commentary

Wilhelm Vossenkuhl

16.6 Response to Commentaries

James Sabin, and Norman Daniels

Section C Care in the Aging Society

17.1 Primary Topic Article

Nancy Berlinger, and Michael K. Gusmano

17.2 Commentary

Ilhak Lee

17.3 Commentary

Yukihiro Nobuhara

17.4 Commentary

Michael Dunn

17.5 Response to Commentaries

Nancy Berlinger, and Michael K. Gusmano

18.1 Primary Topic Article

Tony Hope, and Michael Dunn

18.2 Commentary

Xiaomei Zhai

18.3 Commentary

Shunzo Majima

18.4 Commentary

Susumu Shimazono

18.5 Commentary

Michael C. Brannigan

18.6 Response to Commentaries

Michael Dunn, and Tony Hope

Section D Rethinking Medical Professionalism

19.2 Commentary

Ilhak Lee

19.3 Commentary

Masatoshi Nara

19.4 Commentary

Tom L. Beauchamp

19.5 Commentary

Alastair V. Campbell

20.1 Primary Topic Article

Edward J. Bergman, and Autumn Fiester

20.2 Commentary

Atsushi Asai, and Yasuhiro Kadooka

20.3 Commentary

H. Tristram Engelhardt

20.4 Commentary

Takanobu Kinjo

20.5 Commentary

Ji-Yong Park

20.6 Response to Commentaries

Edward J. Bergman, and Autumn Fiester

21.1 Primary Topic Article

Akira Akabayashi, and Yoshinori Hayashi

21.2 Commentary

Carl Becker

21.3 Commentary

Anita Ho

21.4 Commentary

Ruiping Fan

21.5 Response to Commentaries

Akira Akabayashi, and Yoshinori Hayashi

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