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The Power of Your LifeThe Sanlam Century of Insurance Empowerment, 1918-2018$

Grietjie Verhoef

Print publication date: 2018

Print ISBN-13: 9780198817758

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: December 2018

DOI: 10.1093/oso/9780198817758.001.0001

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(p.371) Bibliography

(p.371) Bibliography

The Power of Your Life

Grietjie Verhoef

Oxford University Press

1. Sanlam Archive

A. Papers and Notices

Articles of Association, 1918.

SA RN 3/6/2: Selected advertisements, 1918–1945.

SA Policy Registers, 1918–2010.

SA 1/2/1/1/2 Stone & Cox Life Insurance Tables, 1920, 1927.

SA 5/2/4/2 C: Application J. Bezuidenhout, 15/3/1920.

SA 6/5/1: Letter of application Fanie Cloete, 6/11/1920.

SA Sanlam Chairman’s Report, 1920–1953.

SA 5/2/2: Geboue, 1–20:1919–1938.

SA 1/2/1/3 Rate Book, 1922, 1929, 1931–1936.

SA 5/2/6: Annual Agent statements, 1929.

SA B 1/2 1/2/13/2, Selected brochures, 1935–1938.

SA 5/3/1: Monthly Report 1930–1935: Memorandum Feenstra on Orange Free State.

SA 6/1/7: Sanlam notice to policy holders, March 1946.

SA 5/2: B23: Bursaries: Memorandum to Board, 25/10/1955.

SA 5/2/: D4: A.D. Wassenaar Memorandum, 1/12/1958.

SA 1/2/1/3/3/Vol. 30, Group insurance; Rate Books, 1954, 1967, 1974.

SA 3/1/2: Beleggingsnavorsing: Memoranda insake beleggings, 18/8/1954; 20/10/1954; 14/4/1959.

SA 3/1/2: Sanlam Beleggingsnavorsing: Memorandum insake beleggings in gewone aandele, 9/2/1951: 1–5.

SA 3/1/2: Beleggingsnavorsing: Hoofbestuurder: Memorandum i.s. SANLAM/Bonuskor verhouding, 5/02/1960.

SA 1/2/1/6, Senior Market development, 12/6/1960.

SA 5/2/D4: Donasies SACEE, Letter SACEE.

SA 6/6/1961 Letter Beak–Sanlam, 13/6/63.

SA 5/2: B23: Bursaries: Memorandum to Board, 17/8/1962.

SA 5/2/D4B: Helpmekaar Studiefonds, 1963–1972.

SA Mining and Engineering Journal, 4/9/1964.

SA 1/2/1/3/4, Special tariffs: Memorandum, 22/8/1967.

SA 1/2/1/3/4, Special Tariffs, 9/5/1967.

SA 6/5/1: Memorandum to Sanlam Board, 17/4/1968; Marketing Report 1967.

SA 1/2/1/6: Senior Market development: Letter CRAUF–W.J. Bezuidenhoudt, 12/6/1967.

SA 5/2/: D4B: Memorandum to Board, 17/7/1968.

SA Agents’ Bulletin, 11/07/1969.

SA 1/2/4/3: Sanlam Opleidingsgids vir Verteenwoordigers, 1970.

SA, 1/2/1/2/1, Product Development: Notice, 17/11/1970.

SA 1/2/1/ Product Development A 101, August 1970.

(p.372) SA 1/2/1/: Product Development Report, 11/2/1972.

SA 7/5/2: LOA files: Insurope News, 17/1/1975.

SA Sanlam News release, 20/5/1975.

SA 6/1/6: Confidential announcement. Labrador, Giraffe, Camel, Lynx, Aristotelus, 16/11/1975.

SA Nuusuitreiking 25/6/1979: Press release LOA on Cost structure of Life offices.

SA S 17: Donations, 1980–1989.

SA 5/3/15/3: Training of Black and Coloured people in Sanlam ‘Non-white staff’, 12/11/1980.

SA 5/3/15/1: Non-white staff eating facilities, 9/6/1981.

SA 6/1/6G: Confidential Memorandum on Rembrandt by F.J. du Plessis, 27/9/1982.

SA 6/1/6: Press release, 27/3/1983.

SA 1/2/1/1: Marketing campaign, 6/2/1984.

SA 6/5/1: Chairman’s Address to Annual General Meeting, 19/03/1986.

SA 5/3/4: March 1990: Desmond Smith statement on Sanlam Corporate Identity.

SA 5/5/2: Chairman’s address, 19/2/1992.

SA Sanlam Advertising and marketing survey, March–April 1993.

SA 6/5/1: FINWEEK, 10–16 June 1993.

SA G Verhoef (1993) The History of Federale Mynbou Beperk. Unpublished manuscript.

SA Bloudruk, 1/4/1994: 19.

SA 7/5/1, LOA Minutes, 10/2/1995.

SA Blue Print, 3/1996.

SA 7/1/7: Dr C. Stals Submission to Commission of Enquiry into the affairs of Tollgate Holdings Ltd, 26 February 1996.

SA 1/2/1, Product list, 20/1/1997.

SA Sanlam Exco, 27/05/1997.

SA 5/2/1: Confidential report on changes in the individual insurance sector—Sanlam Board, 26/2/1997.

SA Sanlam Share Offers. Prospectus, 28/10/1998.

SA Press Release, 8/3/2000: Sanlam retains its shareholding in ABSA.

SA 1/2/1: Product development: Sanlam 100-Plus Policy document.

SA 3/1/3/2: Lenings aan Koshuise, A, B; 3/1/4/2: Letter Provincial.

SA Sanlam: Policy register, 1.

SA SIM Report to the Public Investment Commissioners on the Action Plans i.t.o. section H.2 of the mandate, July 2001.

SA 7/1/7: Sanlam submission to Davis Commission, 13/6/2001.

SA News Release: ‘Sanlam verkoop sy gesondheidsorgbesidheid aan Medscheme’, 1/10/2001.

SA 7/1/3/1/1/: Genmin planning for Union Corporation acquisition.

SA 3/5/5: KMB/CSI: ‘Thinking ahead, staying relevant’. Transformation Report, 2003: 1.

SA News Release: ‘Sanlam kontrakteer IT infrastruktuur uit’, 25/1/2001.

SA J. v Zyl: Presentation to Sanlam Human Resources Committee, 26/1/2003.

SA Sanlam Ltd Board Summit, Erinvale, Somerset West, 3+4/8/2004.

SA Sanlam Group strategy and business structure, 22/4/2004.

SA 5/3/12/13/1 (2): Sanlam Demutualization Trust, 1998–2008 Chairman’s Report, 3/6/2009.

SA 3/5: Sanlam: New Dawn, Organizational Design Distribution Sales Organization.

SA F. Louw. 2005. Thinking Ahead: Sanlam’s approach to corporate social investment. February 2005.

SA J. van Zyl (Sanlam CEO) and J. Rowe (Aflife CEO) presentation to Sanlam Life Board, 24/2/2005.

SA 4/24: Marketing Research: J. Dommisse (2006) Profile and penetration of insurance companies. SAARP AAMPS Survey 2006.

(p.373) SA Report by D.C. van der Merwe: ʼn Ondersoek na die invloed van ʼn ‘Prestasie-oriëntasiekursus’ op die verteenwoordigers van ʼn lewensversekeringsmaatskappy.

SA Sanlam. Riding the wave: Sanlam’s socio-economic impact in South Africa and beyond. Sanlam, 2013.

SA Sanlam: The IT journey from 1990 to 2014.

SA 7/1/7: Sanlam submission to Heath Commission of Inquiry.

SA Sanlam Business Philosophy, November 2012.

SA Sanlam Personal Finance, July 2013.

SA Sanlam Product List, August 2013.

SA Sanlam Personal Finance, September 2014.

SA Sanlam Executive Committee documents: Fifth Floor, Sanlam Head Office: Truth and Reconciliation Commission Submission documents, 1997.

B. Letters and Personal Documents

SA Letter Fichardt–Santam Provisional Board, 12 April 1918.

SA 6/5/1 Letter C.R. Louw–W.A. Hofmeyr, 3/10/1918.

SA 6/5/1: Letter MacDowall–De Klerk, 23/10/1919.

SA 6/5/1: Feenstra correspondence, 9 June 1920.

SA 6/5: Feenstra biographical papers: Letter Feenstra–Macdowall, 9/6/1920.

SA 6/5/1: MacDowall to Chairman, Santam dated 25/05/1920.

SA 5/2/4/2: Geskiedkundige Memos en Briewe: ‘D.P. de Klerk: Eerste Trustbestuurder van Sanlam.’

SA 6/1/1/5: W.J. Bezuidenhout Biographical documents: Minutes of Special AGM 1 May 1923.

SA 6/1/1/5; W.J. Bezuidenhout Biographical documents: Minutes of Extraordinary Special Annual General Meeting of shareholders, 1 May 1923; Africa Insurance Record, July 1924: 36.

SA 5/2/4/2/1: Letter Secretary–General Manager, 30/11/1925.

SA 5/4/2/1/2 Correspondence Johannesburg Branch manager–Secretary, 11/7/27.

SA 4/10: Letter J.C.W. Louw–M.S. Louw, 2/01/1934.

SA 6/1/19: P.A. Malan biographical papers: Letter E. Louw–P.A. Malan, 9/9/1939.

SA: 6/1/19: P.A. Malan biographical papers.

SA 6/1/7/; M.S. Louw papers: Memorandum aan die Raad insake finansieringsmaatskappy, 20/10/1938. SA 6/1/7: Personal documents M.S. Louw: FVB Statutes and Articles of Association, 27/11/1940.

SA 6/1/7: M.S. Louw address, 12/09/1945, Stellenbosch: Association for Economy and Trade.

SA 6/1/7: M.S. Louw Documents; Vertroulike Memorandum insake die voorgestelde stigting van ‘n beleggingskorporasie die kapitaal waarvan voorsien word deur kontant-bonusse op Sanlam-polisse, 26/02/1945: SA: 6/1/7: M.S. Louw Memorandum, 20/5/1945.

SA 6/1/4: H.S. Marais: Sanlam Gedenkboek, July 1946.

SA 6/5/1/8: C.H. Brink papers: Cape Argus, 15/8/1946.

SA 6/7/1: M.S. Louw documents: M.S. Louw address to FAK: ‘Opkoms van die Afrikaner op ekonomiese gebied’, 14/3/1950.

SA 6/1/7: M.S. Louw biographical papers: Memorandum G.D. Wilson: AHT, 8/2/56.

SA 5/2/4/2: Death letter de Villiers, 19/11/1957.

SA 6/1/7: M.S. Louw personal documents: Saambou. The aim and purpose of Saambou, address delivered to Sanlam managers’ conference, October 1957: 304.

SA 6/7/1: M.S. Louw documents: Address at Sanlam Managers Conference, October 1957.

(p.374) SA 6/1/7: M.S. Louw biographical papers, Memorandum, 13/4/59.

SA 6/1/7: M.S. Louw Personal Document File: Memorandum of African Homes Trust, 13/04/1959.

SA 1/2/1/6, Letter J.A. Vorster–Field staff, 6/5/1960.

SA 5/2/D4A: Letter Wassenaar–Board, 20/2/1962.

SA 6/6/1/5: Interview with P.A. Malan, March 1965.

SA 1/2/5: Sanlam Product development: Finplan 4/2/1977.

SA 6/1/2: Letter A.D. Wassenaar–W.J. de Villiers, 26/5/1980.

SA 6/5 6/5/1, Biographical notes on Servaas Daniel de Wet.

SA 6/6/1: Biography A. MacDowall.

SA 5/3/12/6/8: Letter Deon Basson–Sanlam (G. Rudman).

SA 6/1/6G: Letter du Plessis–A.E. Rupert, 11/4/1980.

SA 6/1/6G: Letter du Plessis–A.E. Rupert, 31/3/1980; letter A.E. Rupert du Plessis, 31/3/1980 (delivered by hand).

SA 6/1/2 A.D. Wassenaar–A.E. Rupert, 28/4/1980.

SA 6/1/2: Letter A.E. Rupert–F,J, du Plessis, 27/3/1980.

SA 6/1/2: Letter W.H. de Villiers–A.D. Wassenaar, 14/5/1981.

SA 6/1/6G: P.E. Rousseau Confidential Memorandum–Sanlam Board, 1/12/1981.

SA 6/1/6G: P.E. Rousseau Confidential memorandum–Sanlam Board, 1/12/1981.

SA 6/1/6G: letter F.J. du Plessis–W.J. de Villers, 16/8/1982.

SA 6/1/6; Letter F.J. du Plessis–W.H. de Villiers, 16/8/1982.

SA 6/1/6G: Confidential Memorandum A.D. Wasseraar–Sanlam Directors, 5/1/1982.

SA 6/1/6G: Confidential letter W.J. de Villiers–F.J. du Plessis, 14/8/1982.

SA 6/1/6: Letter F.J. du Plessis–P.W. Botha, 12/11/1984.

SA 6/1/6: Letter P.W. Botha–F.J. du Plessis, 2/5/1984.

SA 6/1/6: Open letter F.J. du Plessis to 39 persons: Cabinet Ministers, Chairmen of Parliamentary Standing Committees and Chairmen of Public Bodies, 17/7/1985.

SA 6/1/2: Letter A.D. Wassenaar–D.W. Hertzog, 12/3/1985.

SA 7/1/7: Sanlam Subsidiaries: Letter A.S. du Plessis–M.H. Daling, 30/1/1989.

SA 5/3/12: Letter Cosatu–M.H. Daling, 4/4/1998; Cosatu Submission to Portfolio Committe on Finance, 18/8/1998.

SA 6/1/7: M.S. Louw biographical documents; Speeches.

SA 6/2/1 Biographical files P.D. Rousseau.

SA Letter Steve Booysen (ABSA CEO) and Danie Cronjé (Chairman ABSA Board)–Johan van Zyl (Sanlam CEO), 5/11/2004.

SA Sanlam Press release: 25/1/2017.

SA Minutes of Sanlam Ltd Exco: Press Release 27/3/2018.

C. Minutes, Memoranda, and Reports

Minutes of Dagelijks Bestuur: 20/6/1919–30/8/1950.

Minutes of General Meetings: 09/12/1976.

Minutes of Sanlam Ltd Board: 09/01/1999–12/02/2017.

Minutes of Sanlam Life Board: 3/12/1998–27/05/2004.

Minutes of Sanlam Board: 27/09/1918–09/03/1999.

Minutes of Sankorp: 04/11/1986–08/04/1992.

Minutes of FVB: 27/11/1940–1970.

Minutes of Sanlam Ltd Executive Committee (Exco), 2010–2017.

(p.375) Sanlam Annual Reports: 1919–2010.

Sanlam Integrated Reports: 2011–2016.

Sanlam Sustainability Reports: 2012–2016.

D. Sanlam Periodical Publications

Die Sanlam Fakkel, 5/11/1928–1/12/1998.

Inside Sanlam: 10/2016.

Sandaba: 02/2000–12/2013.

Sanlammer, 12/7/1992–16/9/2000.

E. Santam

Santam Board Minutes, 4/04/1918.

Santam Board Minutes, 29/07/1918.

Santam Board Minutes, 30/09/1918.

Santam Board Minutes, 24/01/1919.

Santam Board Minutes, 26/2/2007.

Santam Report to Board of Directors, 28/09/1919.

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